10 Best space and astronomy websites on the internet

10. www.niaas.com & www.irishastro.com

This is the website owned by Northern Ireland Amateur Astronomy Society and Irish Astronomical Association, two astronomical societies in the northern part of Ireland. It also has space photos. This astronomical website is used to try to bring a lot of information to the people. If you are also interested in space science, this web page is worth a visit. This site is one of the best space websites because of its quality.

9. www.kidsastronomy.com

As the name suggests, this site is for kids. All the information here not only for children but also for adults can get a lot of knowledge about astronomy through this website. There are also astronomy games for kids and videos for kids as well as adults. Here you will find information on interesting categories such as comets, meteors, black holes, gravity, etc. If you visit this website you will realize that this is also one of the cool space web sites.

8. www.astronomynow.com


Astronomynow is a magazine. But they also have some articles in their magazine at www.astronomynow.com. But you must also subscribe here to read these articles. The volume of their articles here is huge. If you are looking for knowledge about astronomy and space, this website is a gold mine for you. This site is also one of the best space news websites and is one of the best astronomy magazines.

7. www.universetoday.com


If you are thirsty for news about astronomy then this is the astronomy website for you. This web page also hosts competitions. Can you write an astronomy and space article beautifully? If you can write like that, you can submit your article to this website and win. The universe today site is on the best site for the space news list.

6. www.slate.com


If you like to read the latest concepts as well as interesting astronomic stories, you should visit this slate website. You may also find provocative stories in the stories you read, but they are very interesting stories. This site is also very popular on social media. This slate website has changed its previous name to slate. This is a very useful astronomy website for college students.

5. www.space.com


This www.space.com website was launched in 1999. Here you can learn about space exploration, astronomy, commercial space travel technology, and more. And this is just like the meaning of the name as well as space. The background of their web page is also beautifully set to resemble a space background and is one of the most beautiful astronomy websites. There is also a shop where you can get astronomical gifts. This website is also among the cool space web sites.

4. www.skyandtelescope.com


The Sky and Telescope is also an affordable astronomy magazine. But here too there are very interesting articles and space-related news. This is a cool astronomy website that can be used to gain basic knowledge in space science as well as space physics.

3. www.heavens-above.com


As you know, what is the greatest man-made structure in space? It is an international space station without a doubt. Have you seen this with the naked eye? If you are a person who observes the night sky all the time, you must have seen it even though you were not aware of it. In the night sky, this looks like a small moving star. Some people think of this as an aeroplane or a UFO. If you go to this heavens-above web page you can get the date and time the international space station will fly above your location. All you have to do is give it your location.

2. www.nasa.gov


If you are very interested in space, you must have heard of NASA. So this web page is their official web page. You can find any information you need about astronomy and space science on this web page. A large number of videos and photos are also available. This is actually a cool space web site.

1. www.armaghplanet.com/blog


This site is arguably the number one astronomy and space website for all of these reasons, with fun astronomy articles, knowledgeable astronomy articles, space flights, news, monthly sky notes, and more. So it is not surprising that this site is the first of the 10 best space and astronomy sites on the internet.

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