8 Cool Tips for Amazon online shopping

Everyone loves the convenience of online shopping, but Amazon must be doing something special to get so many people for a $120 subscription (E-commerce websites like Amazon). Demonstrating their love for Amazon’s free shipping, crazy product range and great digital content, over 150 million people have signed up for a Prime membership. (Of course, do not sleep on Prime Video and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.)That is to say, this e-retailer has become so successful and brilliant that it is easy to lose all of its offers, programs, sales, and deals. Today’s article on QQ Feather gives you some tips on how to save money and time while shopping on Amazon.

1. Share your Prime membership

Amazon Household lets you add one more adult, four teenagers, and up to four child profiles to an account. You can share membership fees with a spouse or family member and share digital content with your children, such as e-books, apps, and games.

However, you are not allowed to share any Prime benefits with young children, however, you can never share the Prime benefits if you use a discounted membership such as Prime Student.

2. Dig for fresh deals

Like the deals on the homepage (and almost everywhere on Amazon), you can find discounts in two specific places: check Amazon’s Warehouse for items that are still in good condition, and check out its store for new items that have been discounted by 30. Percent or more. Regular checks of these two pages will pay for the relevant transactions.

3. Register for instant price alerts

Want to buy a product – but only if its price drops below a certain level? You can track Amazon prices for many add-ons and extensions, and CamelCamelCamel is one of the best we can find. It monitors prices over time, sends alerts when prices of specific items fall, and more. Once you have registered, you can use the service online for free or, if you wish, access it through a plug-in for your browser.

4. Get SMS delivery updates

8 Cool Tips for Amazon online shopping

Amazon does a great job of notifying you of your desired delivery location at every stage of the shipping process. But if you are traveling or do not have an internet connection, visiting the site for updates can be painful. Alternatively, you can sign up to receive SMS alerts. Go to Shipping Updates via the text page and follow the instructions.

5. Secure your orders

If you do not trust your neighbors (or indeed your housekeepers), then consider giving your goods to Amazon Locker rather than your door. In urban areas, these safety cages are plentiful so you can choose a locker in a more convenient location. They also allow you to pick up your items at your leisure rather than staying home for delivery.

6. Apply coupons

Gone are the days of cutting paper coupons from postmen. Instead, there is a special coupon page on Amazon where you can find all kinds of discounts and special offers on everyday essentials, from toilet paper to fruit bars. You can easily “clip” any coupon using the buttons at the bottom of the page. Amazon will automatically apply these discounts when you are ready to test.

7. Find hidden savings

On Amazon’s own coupons, you’ll find lots of extra discount codes online — if you know where to look. We’ve seen some very attractive deals on Amazon shares of Offers.comRetailMeNot, Dealio, and SlickDeals. So click and start saving money.

8. Settle for slow deliveries

One of the reasons people sign up for Prime is because of its fast delivery. But for those items that you do not need in a hurry, check if Amazon offers digital credit (which you can use to buy a movie or music) for a more flexible distribution option. Known as the Amazon No-Rush Shipping Program, these deals come with time.