Best 10 NFL and Super Bowl Teams 2022

Today we decided to bring you the top 10 teams in the NFL that have been the craze in America for decades through QQ Feather. You can also buy merchandise from one of the teams.

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL)​

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers is an American Football team located in Tampa, Florida, that plays in the South division of NFC in the NFL. In 1976, they play in AFL as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and they have only one nickname, it is the Bucs. The Buccaneers have won two super bowl championships and are one of only two NFL franchises not to lose in several super bowl appearances with the Baltimore raves.

The team’s image improved when they won their first championship in 2002, the first time for a franchise formed since the merger, but they would not win another playoff game until their second Super bowl season in 2020. of their super bowl victories, the Buccaneers have the lowest winning percentage in NFL at 0.393.

Tom Brady is the most popular player on this team. He spent his first 20 seasons with the New England Patriots, where he was a central encounter to the Franchise Dynasty from 2001 to 2019. Tom Brady has agreed to a contract that is expected to pay 30$million a year.

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9. Miami Dolphins (NFL)

Miami Dolphins​ (NFL)

The Miami Dolphins are an American football team located in the Miami metropolitan area, that plays in the east division of NFC in the NFL. Since 1966, they have used Miami dolphins as their professional names, and also they have the no nan defense, the killer bees defense, Phins & Fins as their nicknames. they lost their first super bowl in the super bowl vs. the Dallas Cowboys, 24-3. They were the third NFL team to play a regular season and the first team to do so after the AFL-NFL merger, known as the super bowl era.

In the following years, the dolphins won super bowl VII, becoming the first team to appear in three consecutive super bowls, and the second team to win consecutive titles. Miami also appeared in the super bowl XVII and super bowl XIX, losing both games. The most successful head coach Don Shula coached the Dolphins in their early history.

Their current supper bowl winning ratio is 0.400 and the Dolphins won the AFC East in 2008 as last season. And also they got the name as one of the best teams in the most popular sports in the USA.

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8. Washington Football Team (NFL)

Washington Football Team (NFL))

The Washington football team is an American football team located in the Washington metropolitan area, that plays in the east division of NFC in the NFL. When we talk about team history they used as Boston braves in 1932, Boston Redskins in 1937 – 2019, and the present name as Washington football team. They have nicknames such as the burgundy and gold, the skins (as the redskins).

Their team colors are Burgundy and gold and also fight song was “Hail to the redskins” (1928 – 2019). Washington football team won the 1937 and 1942 NFL Championship games and super bowl XVII, XXII, and XXVI. 

Washington finished the season six times as league runners-up, defeating the 1936, 1936, 1943, and 1945 championships and the supper bowls XII and XVII. with 14 division titles and 24 post-match appearances, they have an overall standing record of 23-18.

The three super bowl wins are tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England patriots behind the san Francisco 49ers and the Dallas cowboys and green bay packers as well as the Denver Broncos and las Vegas riders behind the New York Giants.

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7. New York Giants (NFL)

New York Giants (NFL)

The New York Giants are an American football team located in the New York Metropolitan Area that plays in the East division of the NFC in the NFL. New York Giants have many nicknames such as Big Blue,  G-men, jints, big blue wrecking crew, and York football giants. One of the five teams that joined the NFL in 1925 was the Giants, Still, the only team still on the that, as well as the longest established team in the North Eastern United States League.

New York Giants participated and played the NFL match five times and they won four super bowls till now. They have a current Super Bowl winning ratio of 0.800. Team sharp rivalries with the Philadelphia Eagles are the oldest rivalry between the NFC and the east until 1933 and have been called the best rivalry in the 21st century in the NFL.

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6. Green Bay Packers (NFL)

Green Bay Packers (NFL)

The Green Bay Packers are an American football team located in the green bay, Wisconsin area, That plays in the north division of the national football conference in the NFL. Their professional name is green bay packers, since 1919 and they have nicknames such as Indian packers, acme packers, blues, Big bay blues, bays, The pack, and the green and gold. The packers have won 13 league titles, the most number of times in NFL history, with nine previous NFL Championships and four super bowl victories.

The Packers won the first two super bowls in 1966 and 1967 and were the only NFL team to beat the American football league before the AFL – NFL merger. In addition, packer holds the record for most wins(804) and the most wins and losses (571) in NFL history including regulars and games. They have a current super bowl ratio of 0.800.

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5. San Francisco 49ers (NFL)

San Francisco 49ers (NFL)

The san Francisco 49ers are an American football team based in the San Francisco Bay area that play in the western part of the NFL since 1946. They have been known as the San Francisco 49ers this team has many more nicknames. They are the niner empire, Niners, the empire, Niner Gang, and Gold blooded. The 49ers became the first major league professional sports franchise in San Francisco and the 10th oldest franchise in the national football league from 1981 to 1994. The 49ers won five super bowl titles.

Four of them arrived in the 1980s and were Led by Hall of Famers Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, Steve Young, Charles Haley, Fred Dean, and coaches Bill Walsh and George Seifert. They have played in seven super bowls, the third-highest in the NFL. They Were Division champions 20 times between 1970 and 2019 and became one of the most successful teams in NFL history.

Their current super bowl ratio is 0.833. In 2018, the 49ers enterprise branch announced the acquisition of a 15% minority ownership stake in English football club Leeds United Fc, which was increased to 39% in 2021.

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4. Denver Broncos (NFL)

Denver Broncos (NFL)

The Denver Broncos are a professional American football franchise that plays in the west division of the National Football Conference of the national football league. The team is headquartered in the dow Valley, Colorado, and place home games at empower field in Mile High, Denver, Colorado. they have used the name of Denver broncos since 1960. team nicknames are orange Crush (1977 to present) and no-fly zone (2014 to 2018). they have a uniform with the colors of orange, navy blue, and white.

The broncos have not competed in 10 years of running in the AFL and in their first seven years in the NFL. they did not have a winning season until 1973. in 1977, four years later, they qualified for the game for the first time and advanced to the Super Bowl XII.

They could win 8 AFC championships and three Super Bowl championships and share the NFL record for most Super Bowl losses. (join New England Patriots) The Broncos have a current Super Bowl winning ratio of 0.375.

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3. Dallas Cowboys (NFL)

Dallas Cowboys (NFL)

The Dallas Cowboys are a professional American football team based in the Dallas-fort worth metroplex. They used the name of Dallas Cowboys from 1970 to the present. Not only that cowboys have many nicknames such as America’s team, Doomsday defense, the Boys, Big D. their current have uniform is consistent of many colors. They are navy blue, metallic silver, royal blue, and white. By the time of the 2020 American Football Season, the American football team Dallas cowboys appeared in 8 super bowls. the Cowboys have won 5 games in that Super Bowl appearance, tied with their NFC Rivals. 

The San Francisco 49ers; Both are third in the sixth super bowls Championship between Petersburg and New England. Dallas Cowboys is the only NFL team to record 20 straight winnings (1966 to 1985 ) where they lost only two games (1974 and 1984). In 2015, the Dallas Cowboys become the first sports team worth 4 billion dollars according to Forbes magazine and became the most valuable sports team in the world. Dallas Cowboys have a current Super Bowl winning ratio of 0.625.

In 2018, the cowboys become the first NFL franchise worth 5 billion dollars, and for the 12th straight year listed on the Forbes list as the most valuable NFL team.

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2. Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

Pittsburgh Steelers are a professional American football team. Past times this team was named Pittsburgh pirates and in 1940 they change their team name to Pittsburgh steelers. They have nicknames such as Steel Curtain and black and gold. Their team color is black and gold. Steelers made their appearances in 8 super Bowles as of the 2020 American Football Season. The team has won 6 Super Bowl titles with the New England Patriots, both of which have played (it times) more than any other team in the NFL (11 times) and have hosted conferences.

The Steelers have won 8 AFC Championship simultaneously with the Denver Broncos. But the Patriots record is 11 behind the AFC championships with the Broncos and Dallas Cowboys. The team is tied for the second time with eight super bowlers. On February 6, 2011, they lost their lastest Championship look, the Super Bowl XLV. The black and gold have a current Super Bowl winning ratio of 0.750. The Steelers enjoy a large extensive fan base known as the Steel Nation.

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1. New England patriots (NFL)

New England patriots (NFL)

American football team new England patriots are professionals for American football originally known as the Boston patriots, they changed their name to new England patriots in 1971. New England patriots further used the name “The past” as the team nickname. In the last 2020 American football season, They made their appearances in 11 super bowls.

Therefore, the Patriots came to first place from the top 10 American Football teams ever. This team had a charter member of the American Football League (AFL) before joining the NFL. New England Patriots utilized Gillette Stadium for their home game in 2002 after Foxboro Stadium.

Patriots played the NFL match eleven times and they could win the super bowl six times till now in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2014, 2016, and 2018. And also they had owned the runner-up five times in 1985, 1996, 2007, and 2011 in the super bowl. The pats have a current super bowl winning ratio of 0.500. Their greatest recent achievement was the victory of super bowl 2021. The Patriots won the 2021 season on Thursday night, beating Washington football 22 – 13 in the team’s first Semifinal match on 13 August 2021.

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