Top 10 Best Educational Websites to Learn for Free

1. EdX:

The site was launched in 2012 by Harvard University and MIT, so students may find it more appealing. EDX is an online learning destination and MOOC provider that offers a range of high-quality foot courses from the world’s best universities and institutes to learners everywhere. It has the highest global rankings out of 90 universities. So you can learn for free from this site.

This site offers a wide range of educational options for students, from traditional to contemporary studies. They offer a series of online degree courses from accounting and economics to engineering and also provide information on important subjects such as behavioral psychology.

In addition, it has partnered with a number of recognized colleges, including the University of Oxford, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of Stanford. With the level of interest of students in mind, the portal has videos and podcasts on all subjects. Academic Earth is the best site for self-study students to learn for free.

Top 10 Best Educational Websites to Learn for Free

From anything to everything, the online archive is a real website that stores originals from various large websites. For example, American libraries include the addition of free textbooks that are directly attached to university library websites. This is one of the best websites that offer free and accessible knowledge. However, it does not provide admissions or certificates for learning.

More than 2,000 members of Big Think have a great reputation in their stronghold. These specialists write articles and record tutorials for students, then the content is further refined by the website’s editorial team to provide students with factual information. Students can benefit greatly from this site by creating their own ideology as they present different views on one subject. In addition, students can seek feedback from specialized experts.

As soon as a student opens this website, he or she will be caught up in the number of courses available on the topic of his or her interest. It is a user-friendly website. Students can find a large university and changeable electronic course certificate. “Includes video lectures recorded for courses, auto-ratings and co-review assignments and community discussion forums. You will receive a valuable electronic course certificate once you complete a course,” the website guarantees. Coursera is best suited for programmers to learn for free.

Top 10 Best Educational Websites to Learn for Free

High school scholars can use this site as a reference, instead, it is an interactive reference website that will minimize their learning problems. Of course, the complex technical terminology is not easy for a student to understand, so the website makes textbooks easy for students. They support all subjects, from math to science, history and more. Entrance exams are usually very frustrating for students and this site can solve the problem. They symmetrically set the topics, removing the air and structure of competitive exams.

Unlike other websites, this portal provides students with academic as well as skills-based learning. Students can refer to the information provided or enter any of the 58 courses. The website synthesizes three main options, including educational materials, course courses and documentaries. Subjects are divided into external subject and academic subjects.

Top 10 Best Educational Websites to Learn for Free

This is not just an online portal, but an educational channel for learners. Unlike other websites, it only represents significant data that meets the issues students are facing. For example, students usually have problems with algebra, for which they have created a special section.

It is a one-stop website for all subjects, none of the above portals has many of these fields. Keeping the essence of the query alive, the portal is activated by common words, including the word ‘how’.

Khan Academy is an online training website. Students who are unable to receive training can refer to this site. Having a personalized dashboard to measure progress report gives students a winning status by giving them the freedom to learn at their own pace. There are math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics and many more traditional school subjects. Moreover, it has lessons from kindergarten to calculus. It has partnered with NASA, the Museum of Modern Art, the Academy of Sciences of California, and MIT to improve content for students. And, the content is available in 36 languages.

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